Magali Buhrer, Therapist in Norfolk
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About me

Magali Buhrer, Gestalt Therapist and Supervisor, EAP cert.


I have always had an holistic vision of life and a strong connection with Nature.

I trained as a Gestalt therapist at the EPG, and specialised in the Gestalt somatic and developmental approach at the ADAT. I have a private practice in Norfolk and two days a week in London. I receive clients in individual sessions, run awareness classes and therapeutic workshops. I am also a certified supervisor for psychotherapists.

With the years, I have enriched my experience with the Medicine Wheel teachings that I continue studying with Jan Adamson, seeking a way to reconnect and learn from Nature to  enlarge our representations and enhance the interconnected aspect of our life. My therapeutic approach derived from these teachings. Working with horses, as co-facilitator for Equine Assisted Learning sessions,  is part of this new approach.

As a Gestalt therapist, I am a holder of the European certificate of Psychotherapy and bound by the ethics of the European Association of Psychotherapy which means, I am regularly supervised and in Continuing Professional Development.

I am, at the moment, developing new skills, training in Trust Technique® , a mindfull practice shared between people and their animals, in order to build a connection based on trust, regard and cooperation.