Sometimes in our life, we need to pause, slow down and find some space to enable something new to emerge, to initiate a change.

Sometimes in our life, we need support other than the family or the friends around us to face difficulties and move forward.

A Journey of awareness session can help you :

  • to explore lost or hidden parts of yourself
  • to clarify your issues
  • to find new focus and resources, opening up the field of possibilities
  • to find a new balance in you and in your life
  • to deepen your relationships
  • to reconnect with the natural world and a sense of belonging

I provide a confidential, supportive and safe place, respecting each person's needs, own rhythm and unique character.

The sessions are using  Awareness/Mindfulness practice and the Native American Medicine Wheel model.

Each session is unique, but all sessions follow these steps :

First we will take the time to clarify what you want to work on, your need, your issue, your intention.

Then, I will introduce to you the Medicine Wheel model, holistic model we will work with.

I will accompany and support you on your journey and in the exploration of the Wheel with the intention you formulated.

We will take time to close the session, gathering what you have found out in your exploration and taking it in.


If you would like to book a one to one appointment or have more information you can telephone 07767673431 , or email me

I am based near Diss, Norfolk. A session lasts 2 hours and the cost for a session is £50.

I can work in English or French.