Horse as Teacher


Horse facilitated self-discovery session offer the chance for immediate and powerful insights into the way we function in everyday life. These insights are experienced rather than thought out, they become part of our life-experience, embodied, emotionally absorbed.

In letting horses facilitate our experience of ourselves we gain access to the truth of who we are, in the here and now. And when we struggle in our human point of view, horses offer a different one that might be a teaching. 

Horses do not care for our stories about ourselves or judge us. They help us to stop our rational brain, bringing another vision. They feel us, pick up on the authentic cues that we ourselves might miss, and reflect the truth of the interaction. This experience in itself often leads to healing and fundamental change. No prior experience of horses is necessary and no riding is required.

What happens in a session ? You will work directly with horses and will experience designed dynamic activities, learning about yourself by engaging with the horses and reflecting on your feelings and patterns as they arise. We work holistically with feelings, thoughts and sensations, and experience our impact first-hand in a non-judgemental and vivid process encompassing being out in nature in the slower nature of horse time and inherent mindfulness their presence brings.

Ativities are designed by the therapist and allow each person to work at their own level and rytm. A session can incorporate the Medicine Wheel model into the horse experience for a deep and enlightening self-exploration.

The only “equipment” needed is a pair of sturdy shoes or boots and comfortable clothes, suitable for the weather on the day, as we work outdoors.

The venue will be in Norfolk or Suffolk.  Directions will be provided on booking.

To book a session, or for more informations please contact me, by phone or email.

Individual session (2 hours) : £ 90

Group session (1 or 2 days) : cost varies on program and number of participants