"It is meaningless to define a breather without air, a walker without gravity and ground" F. Perls

In my approach I combine Awareness practice and the Medicine Wheel model, as they share an holistic point of view on the world and invite us to be aware that we are part of a whole, all linked and connected. We are influenced by others, by the natural world, and we influence them.

 Growing our awareness, also, helps us to listen to our inner being, acknowledging and trusting our sensations, feelings, emotions in order to expand our "response-ability" and make informed choices in search of balance and fluidity.

And when we work within the Medicine Wheel, it shows us our connectedness and interdependence with the larger whole of Nature as a source of knowledge, self-discovery and a place to belong.

Awareness practice takes into account all the different aspects of the human being : physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and integrates various techniques, using words, movements, dreams, imagination, engaging our creativity. Because our thoughts often maintain us stuck in repetitive patterns, working with what we experience in the here and now, body awareness allows to access hidden parts of who we are and be more in tune with ourselves.

We grow our awareness through our perceptions, sensations, feelings, heart and mind.

Awareness practice focus on what you experience in the present moment, the environmental and social contexts of your life, and the self-regulating adjustments you make as a result of your overall situation.

It offers to explore the ‘how’ of our patterns of relating and gives the opportunity to experiment in new ways, to find our own answers and to build a life that feels more suited to our needs and wishes.

It is a form of art, sport and a spiritual practice. As an art, we follow the unfolding experience, not knowing where this process is going to lead us. Like a sport, this approach combines pleasure with mastery through practice. As a spiritual practice, it is an exploration of what it is to be a human being, being with “what is”, being with the land, plants, animals, earth, sky and water, in a spirit of openness.


Medicine Wheels are found in many indigenous culture and have been a source of inspiration for several therapeutic approaches.

A Medicine Wheel is a map of Life, a "whole", a circular and holistic model where every being, every natural element in this circle is interconnected and has an innate wisdom.

At each cardinal direction of the Wheel, East, West, South and North, we can connect to a specific aspect of Life (human, mineral, plants, animal, fire, earth, water, air...),  of ourselves (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual) and its qualities, each offering a different point of view of the world. It is our Circle of Self as well as the Circle of Life.

Travelling in this Wheel is a journey of awareness, a path of knowledge, acquired by conscious life experience. It is not a belief system.

In this Circle of Life, we move through different stages, finding different resources, completing cycles and opening up to a new one : there is no corner where we can be stuck.

Working with the Medicine Wheel model helps us to explore deeply our own self and to regain connections between all our aspects, with others , with the world around us to create well-balanced interactions and relationships.