What Awareness is

Awareness is an essential skill to initiate any change in our life

When we are aware, we live fully our immediate and implicit experience of the present moment. When we are aware, we slow down and let arise what we are experiencing, feeling or thinking.

Being aware is also giving space to the inner observer within each of us, who notices with interest our experience without judgment, and inviting him to speak.

Awareness practice is a path of self discovery, and through this discovery comes more choices and the possibility to develop our unique perspective on life.

It has to do with :

  • slowing down
  • experiencing the present moment
  • being curious about ourselves
  • letting emerge forgotten, lost or hidden parts of ourselves
  • knowing better how we relate to the world around us

What is a Journey of Awareness ?


A Journey of Awareness combines Awareness practices, the Native American Medicine Wheel model, animals and Nature encounters.

It is a journey we can undertake at any moment of our life.

During this journey, we travel within the Wheel of Life taking time to fully experience our body as alive. We are in the present moment unfolding our senses to perceive the world, paying attention to what arises in us in the here and now, to our physical sensations, our feelings, emotions, acknowledging our thoughts with curiosity.

While in our modern life, we often rush and feel sometimes isolated and separate, it is a time when we can reconnect with our skill of belonging to the larger whole of Nature, regaining our balance and creating a meaningful life.

Horse assisted human development work can be part of this journey.

This website gives information about this approach I have developed after years of practice of Gestalt psychotherapy in LondonSince I moved to Norfolk, I have been able to follow my deep interest for people and my love and strong connection for Nature and Horses .

Individual sessions (and group sessions) in English or French are available near Diss, Norfolk.